Waiting List, Deposits and Purchasing Babies

Waiting List:

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list for a future litter or have interest in a hedgehog that is currently available, you must first fill out an application for approval. After the application is approved, we require you to place a deposit. This deposit will allow you to be placed on the waiting list. Additional information on deposits is below.


A deposit is required if you would like to be placed on our waiting list. This deposit is essentially reserving a baby for you from a litter before it is born. Before placing the deposit, you must fill out an application and have it approved. The deposit is $50 and is also non-refundable. The only way we will refund this deposit is if a baby is not born to fit your pre-decided specifications on your applicataion within 8 months of the deposit being placed.

We accept deposit payments in the form of check or by PayPal only. If you pay by check, please know that there is a $25 fee for bounced checks. If you choose to pay by PayPal, you need to pay $52 to cover the PayPal fees.

All deposits go towards the total amount due (this does not include PayPal fees). Which means that after you have paid the deposit, $50 less will be due when the final payment is made upon receiving your hedgehog.


While your baby is growing up, we will occasionally send you pictures and updates on him or her. When your baby is 7 weeks old, he will be ready to be picked up. You will have to arrange a pick up time and date with us to pick him up when he is 7-9 weeks old. He must be picked up by the time he is 9 weeks old unless we agree to a different arrangement.

Your balance is due upon pickup. The balance can be paid by cash only, at pick up. We also accept PayPal. But, since PayPal takes a few days to process, you must pay at least 7 days prior to picking up your hedgehog and add an additional $5 is to be paid to cover the PayPal fees.


All of our baby hedgehogs come with a two year guarantee against death from Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome(WHS). In order to receive a refund of a new baby or your money back(which ever is most readily available), I will require a copy of a necropsy report (showing that the cause of death was WHS) done by a licensed veterinarian, at your expense.

Return policy*:

If for any reason you decide that a hedgehog is not the right pet for you, our return policy is below:

1-30 days- 50% refund

After 30 days, we don’t offer a refund, but we’ll always gladly take the hedgehog back as a rescue.

When you come to pick up your little guy or girl it will come with:

A weeks worth of food
The guarantee above
Instructions to help your baby adjust to it’s new home
Of course, we are always here for support and can give you information on local vets.

*This does not apply to a hedgehog returned to us that is not healthy or is injured for reasons that were the buyer’s fault. Such cases maybe: poor diet, improper care, injuries caused by owner or owner’s children/guests/pets.

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